Senior Avionics Engineer - Space Products - 191273

Location: Greater Phoenix, Arizona


Sr. Avionics Engineer will lead the conceptual design, analysis, development, and test of complex avionics used on military, commercial and NASA satellites. The products of the company generally are unique for each customer. Therefore, most new applications require a special, tailored design, even though adaptation of existing designs always should be considered where appropriate. The Avionics Engineer will operate as part of a design/development team, which includes other department engineers. You may be called upon to coordinate the work of designers, technicians, procurement specialists and others who assist in specific assignments.


In the early stages of a new program, the project team will consult with the customer, establish the product's functional specification, conceive of potential hardware solutions to the problem, often through extensive trade studies, and then create a successful technical proposal. This phase is critical in that it establishes the basis for future design, and for contract negotiations. Under the technical direction of the team's lead engineer, the Avionics Engineer will then contribute to the evolution of the conceptual design, technical project planning, detail design, and development testing.


  • BS Degree in electrical engineering
  • 5 - 10 years' experience in hardware design. Avionics experience related to satellites or spacecraft.
  • To fulfill the demands of design and development of new products the individual must show self-starting instincts, an aptitude for creative synthesis, and the ability to utilize and quickly learn advanced design and/or analysis techniques.
  • Knowledge of and experience in; closed loop control systems, electrical hardware design, and good communication skills are also required.
  • Systems Engineering
  • Hardware experience / knowledge
  • Experience working with Avionics
  • FPGA design experience
  • Circuit design experience
  • Experience with satellites or spacecraft


Base Salary $100k - $185K


Relocation Package




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